In addition to the outdoor pursuits, Colorado Timberline Academy integrates several off-campus trips throughout each school year. You can find pictures and details about each of the THREE excursions below.

WAKAN - The rite of passage

  1. Starting on the first week of school in September, the entire CTA community launches into the school year by heading out on a week-long backpacking trip throughout the Weminuche Wilderness. This wilderness trip, know as “Wakan,” is an extensive, often arduous, five-day backpacking journey throughout the San Juan Mountains. Wakan provides the setting to revive old friendships, make new ones and to instill a strong sense of community and connection among staff and students. See pictures below!

Fall Trip - Time in the desert

After the first four-week bloc is completed in early October, staff and students once again pack up their backpacks for “Fall Trip.” This second backpacking trip sets its sights on the famed landscape of southeastern Utah. This unique desert environment, known by most as the “Colorado Plateau,” is very close to our campus and affords students the opportunity to gain an appreciation of this fragile desert environment. See pictures below!

Spring Trip - Where personal skills flourish

After Winter breaks and warmer temperatures persist, we once again break into small groups for “Spring Trip.” Spring Trip is not exclusively a backpacking trip, but rather an extension of the “Personal Skills” offered throughout the school year. Past trips have included backpacking in the Havasu Canyon of Arizona, rafting down the San Juan River of Utah, rock climbing in the Joshua Tree National Park of California, mountain biking in southeastern Utah, back-country skiing in the Tetons, Wyoming and fly-fishing along the Green River of Utah. See pictures below!